Thursday, November 18, 2010

dua puluh empat ;)

sakit tangan ikat riben.
and 24 days to go!

tomorrow will be having our first fitting for wedding dress.
cincin nikah juga sudah siap. but haven't had the time to go n pick up.
will be out station tomorrow for close friend's wedding and yet wedding preps are still hanging here and there.

wedding cards dah distribute. all the posted ones je la.
for officemate.. this coming week to be distributed.

the amount in my saving's account is getting lesser and lesser.
(aci tak kalau guna duit, makin lama makin bertambah byk? ;p)

tarik nafas. hembus nafas. berusaha. bersedia. 24 days to go!


bride2wife said...

Nak ikut fitting please!!!!..hehehe

Moose said...

nak jugak!!! hahaha